How to get the Volume Control button back

For some reason, there was no easy way to turn the volume up/down. The little mixer button in the notifications are of the panel had disappeared. So I went to Applications->Settings Manager->Panel. Then I chose the Items tab, clicked on the ‘+‘ button and chose the Indicator Plugin from the list of optional extras.

I then used the Up (or down) arrow on the Right-hand side of this tab to position the indicator where I wanted it, made no other changes to the settings, and clicked Close.

Oh yes! One little Volume Control button now back where it should be! 🙂


I’m on Parole with media player problemettes!

Just tried to watch a video with the built in Parole Media Player – and it failed! Oh no, first problem!

VLCSo, before finishing off the day and getting some convalescence I thought I’d watch a quick video. There seems to be only one Media Player built into Studio: Parole. Sadly, it wouldn’t play my video which was a *.MKV video. I’m too tired to try and figure out the CODEC problems and I know that VLC is a light and powerful media player, so I headed on over to their website at to grab some serious VLC action!

So, I found the Download page that seemed to be the right one for Studio, and opened myself up a Terminal.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vlc browser-plugin-vlc

Success! I now have Media Playback->VLC media player on my system menu and can watch my video. A nice, easy fix (although technically I’m still on Parole 😉 )!