Hunting the Blue Griffin

The first job I have on hand is to edit some web pages, so I chose the Blue Griffin web design package.


Blue GriffinThe first task I have to do is update some broken links on my website at so the best application I seem to have found for the job so far is a suite called Blue Griffin available at I downloaded the package from their site and extracted it to a folder in my home directory. I’m not sure that this is where it should live, but when I ran the executable it all seemed to work well.

The next problem was that the application did not appear in the system menu. (Oh, I have now switched back to Whisker rather than the Applications menu as I managed to lose many items from the menu). So, after a bit of googling I found this thread that showed me others had experienced similar options using MenuLibre – which is the recommended menu editing application.

My menu Alacarte

A lot of people seemed to bemoan the lack of Alacarte, so I search for a way to install the program manually. So:

sudo apt-get install alacarte

seems to install the program with no problems. And yes, it appears in the system menu as Menu->Settings->Main Menu. I found I also had (just below) Menu->Settings->Menu Editor and after investigation, I found that this was the dreaded MenuLibre program that everybody reports so many problems with. So, it is NOT recommended to use this.

Running Alacarte, I went to the Development category and added Blue Griffon‘s executable in as a new Launcher. It does not seem to come with an icon sadly. All ready now to go and do that web editing – when done, I shall need an FTP program to upload the files.

Full Steam ahead

steam_logo_white_on_blackWanting a bit of a breather from the research, I tried to install the Steam game launcher, but it refused to install from the Menu->System->Software option on the Menu. Eventual;ly I went to the Steam website at and clicked on the install Steam button there. It downloaded the launcher and ran Steam perfectly. Hoorah! A small subset of my Games library (those with executables written for Linux) is now accessible again!

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