The Blog becomes officially defunct

For quite some time now, the trials of a Linux Newbie have ceased and the blog has therefore ceased. After much time (and pleasure) getting the system working, I started a new project with m Partner – the Celtic Myth Podshow. Now whilst it’s true that many podcasts are produced on the Linux platform, it is also true that the most rofessiona software is proprietary and I have had to return to Windows.

So it is with some sadness that this blog has reached the end of its useful life but I shall leave it here so that others may start their own experiments. I will continue to monitor and approve comments so that you guys can respond to each other and what I have said in the hope that it can still grow to be useful considering that Ubuntu has gone through several generational changes since I wrote the blog.

I did have a minor flirtation setting up Ubuntu as a Media Centre using XBMC and Boxee with some success only to find that when I transferred the machine to my analog television Ubuntu would not display a picture – so that was that. Back to XP 😦

With thanks and respect to those who continue the project…