I will always Depend on you..

I started to notice that several of the Linux programs that I installed using the Software Centre were bombing out with messages about broken Dependencies, so let’s see if I can clean things up a little behind the scenes. Ubuntu is a DEB (Debian) based system, so the tool to use – it seems – is APT. A linux program is a collection of libraries referred to by a central executable, and these libraries (or dependencies) can be missing. These collections are called packages.

Opening a Terminal, the first thing I did was:

sudo apt-get update

to refresh the packages. After entering the password, a long list of sources scrolls by and told me the reading was done at the end. Awesome.

The version of apt-get I need to check dependencies is:

sudo apt-get check

Again, this seems to be alright. Hmm.. so does this mean my machine is clean? We’ll see….

Finding those little Orphans

Referring to an earlier post, I installed the Synaptics Package Manager from the Software Centre. Following its instructions, I installed localepurge and then deborphan. With localepurge, I could not select ‘en_UK’ as the system’s locale but I did find ‘en_GB’, so I chose that instead. I didn’t change anything else and the program was installed. Right, now onto deborphan. I searched for deborphan and found it along with gtkorphan, which is a GUI front-end to deborphan, so I marked both for installation (Right-click, select Mark) and then clicked on the Apply button. ‘Yes’ to all questions, waited, and then… I couldn’t find gtkorphan in the Applications Menu! Rats!

Going to System>Application Finder and then typing in gtkorphan, did bring it up though, so I clicked it and then the Launch button. It started and immediately show that I did indeed have a broken package associated with a broken Proprietry Driver! Yay!

So, I selected this and clicked OK, and got an error message about the dpkg database still being locked. Hmm… this is probably because Synaptic is still open. Now, I could close it and try again, but I thought I would go back to the original post that worked, so I closed all package programs and went back to the terminal.

sudo apt-get autoclean

and voilà! – a package gets deleted. Hang on though, it isn’t the one I expected. Nevermind, I’ll carry on with deborphan and use:

sudo deborphan | xargs sudo apt-get -y remove -purge

That should do it – a damn good purge! Rats again – this didn’t work, the -purge parameter has changed. So, by reading the error message it seems I should be using:

sudo apt-get -y autoremove

to remove about 20 packages it detected. Oh, and it did remove the driver package anyway so it’s not all a total loss.



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