Installing an IDE for programming development

Installing Netbeans

There are many IDE (Integrated Development Environment) packages around and ideally I would like one that would enable me to work in Java, C, C++ and give me options to use easy GUI design. For testing purposes, I thought the Anjuta and Netbeans packages looked worthwhile. To start with I shall install Netbeans and the first step is to go to their site and download the package. It downloads to my Desktop. I decide to store it in /usr/bin/netbeans.

1. Open a root terminal and type: chmod +x , where the last in my case was netbeans-5_5_2-linux.bin

2. Type: ./, i.e. ./netbeans-5_5_2-linux.bin

3. It installs well but when I try and run the IDE it tell me that the JDK, Java Development Kit is not installed, so I also have to download that.

4. In Firefox, I go to Sun and download the JDK 6 with EE pack: JDK 6 Update 3 with Java EE 5 SDK Update 3

5. The same process installs it and I’m off! Well, crawling anyway. I notice that the Netbeans site has excellent tutorials on it, so that is where I shall start.

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2 thoughts on “Installing an IDE for programming development

  1. Hi!
    Good Luck with NetBeans!

    As you shall gradually discover NetBeans will suffice almost all of your development needs : C, C++, Java, Ruby, PHP, Javascript

    So happy NetBeaning!


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