Installing Skype in Ubuntu

Back again after a short break, and I fancy having Skype installed for keeping into contact with friends, so I found out that it should work with Ubuntu and visited the site here for install instructions. This is the summary:-

1. Go to System>Administration>Software Sources and enter your password

2. Under the Third Party tag click Add to add the skype repositry and in the text box that comes up,

3. Type (or paste)

deb stable non-free

4.   Allow the software to update its listings, and then open a terminal window

5.    Type “sudo su” to log in as root and have full permissions,

6.    Then, type “apt-get update”. I’m not sure whether this is needed after the repository update, but it can do no harm.

7.    Finally, type “apt-get install skype” to install the software.

8.    If you go to Applications>Internet, you will Skype has been installed 🙂

Cool, huh? Now just to set up an account, get some suitable hardware and test it!


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