Setting up a Server with Ubuntu

OK, the File Server now has new hardware. Faulty memory has been replaced and it has a 320Gb hard drive – which should be enough for some file storage.

Setting up a Server with Ubuntu

What a brilliant idea! I found the following link and after a little reading it reminded me of work that I had been doing before with Windows networks. We had a separate machine that acted as a Firewall – a Red network card for linking to the outside world and a Green one for the internal LAN. However, as I am behind a router I couldn’t get both cards to function properly 😦

However, one brilliant thing I learned was the ability to adminsiter the server remotely by using Webmin – web administration tool.

So that was that idea….

openSUSE 10.3 is out

It has installed brilliantly on Laptop 1 – I haven’t had the balls to try Laptop 2 yet. It has also installed on the new File Server, now to download and install Webmin to see if I can use the Samba section to get working shares.



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