Now how to set the Samba password?

I’m, guessing this is probably the reason why my Share is not allowing logons. It’s no doubt possible in the way that I did it for Ubuntu but I would like to find out if there is a quicker and more reliable (considering my console knowledge) of doing it. Time to RTFM. The online documentation for configuring Samba, I found here.

Hiding those Shares

The first thing I discovered is that if you go to the Samba Server section of YaST and disable all of those pesky system shares, they no longer pop up in Network Places. Cool, huh? I hope this doesn’t disable functionality, but I guess I’ll find out later.


I found the Samba configuration stuff here. The bit that has worked is:

30.4.2 Web Administration with SWAT

An alternative tool for Samba server administration is SWAT (Samba Web
Administration Tool).
It provides a simple Web interface with which to configure the
Samba server. To use SWAT,
open http://localhost:901 in a Web browser and log in as
user root.
If you do not have a special Samba root account, use the system
root account.

NOTE: Activating SWAT

After Samba server installation, SWAT is not
activated. To activate it, open
Network Services>Network Services
(xinetd) in YaST, enable the network services configuration,
select swat from the table, and click Toggle Status (On
or Off).

Once this has opened in a browser, click on the PASSWORD button and enter a Samba username & Password. Then click on Add New User. This is the username and password that Windows uses to access the share. Clicking on the Shares button, followed by the Advanced button shows you the permissions of the selected share. This confirmed that R/W permisssons were enabled.

Final confirmation was reading a file from the File Server to Windows and performing the reverse operation. Success at last!


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